GAT 5 released for free on PC (psst, it's SR4 DLC)

Saints Row has always enjoyed tweaking the nose of the series which inspired it, so of course it couldn't ignore Grand Theft Auto V. On the day GTA 5 launches for consoles, Deep Silver has released GAT V on PC, for free today only. That's Johnny Gat, mind, in a small piece of Saints Row IV DLC adding extra guns (he's so fond of his guns, that man) and Gat costumes.

"Want to buy GAT V on PC? Too bad! Because we made the GAT V pack FREE on Steam for today only!" says the Steam page. What a special day today is for PCnauts.

Along with costumes of Johnny and his lady friend Aisha, the DLC adds a chunky machine gun and a rapid-fire knife launcher. After today it'll cost $2.99, as it does on consoles. Also out today on all platforms is the Wild West Pack, which for $2.99 adds two cowboy costumes and weapons.

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