SingStar to be completely redesigned for free-to-play later this year

SingStar may already be available as a free-to-play app on PlayStation 3, but it isn't much more than a glorified storefront to download songs. That's merely the first phase in Sony's plans to transform the SingStar brand, the company has revealed. The long-term goal of the franchise is to completely redesign the series for the "digital and F2P age."

London Studio director Dave Ranyard said, in announcing a talk about this, that "Phase 1 was to launch SingStar as an app pinned to the PS3's cross media bar last October. Phase 2 is a complete redesign and overhaul of the whole game structure and UI for the digital and F2P age, which is due for release later this year.”

Given PlayStation 4 will also be out later this year, one has to wonder exactly what platforms Sony will target for the SingStar reboot. What business models will Sony consider? Ad-based models are exciting, for sure, but Sony could also follow Microsoft's footsteps and make a subscription-based app as well.