Shack PSA: don't install GTA 5's 'Play' disc on Xbox 360

"I don't want to post more stories about Grand Theft Auto 5 today," I mutter, "but it is the biggest launch in yonks, and this is relevant." Fine. Right then. More GTA 5 stories. Because no publisher wants to talk about anything else today anyway. It's a simple PSA: if you buy it on Xbox 360, don't, in your excitement, install the second disc. Because reasons, that's why.

The Xbox 360 edition comes on two discs, one labelled 'Install' and the other 'Play.' Install the install disc, as installation's mandatory (on PS3 too, though that only uses one single Blu-ray disc). Play with the play disc, but don't install it.

"For optimal performance, we recommend not installing that disc," Rockstar's support said on Twitter (via IGN). "We will have more info on our Support Site at launch."

As GTA 5 has been out Down Under for, oh, hours, it's a shame Rockstar hasn't updated that yet.