How Gaist Crusher is Capcom's Skylanders

The first announcement of Capcom's Gaist Crusher pointed out an emphasis on collection, and said it would have tie-ins like an anime, music, and Bandai toys. The toy collection aspect apparently plays a huge role, in fact, as new details show it working very similar to games like Skylanders and Disney Infinity.

Siliconera gives a look at the toys. A special attachment, called the Gaifan Cover, slips onto the 3DS or XL. That serves as the portal-like device to interact with the "Gaimetal" figurines. Each set of figurines includes two parts, one that unlocks a "Gaist Gear" in the game, and the other that unlocks a mission. The figurines will go on sale about a month before the game launches in Japan.

No North American plans for Gaist Crusher have been announced, but given the success of other toy-themed games in America, and the 3DS selling well consistently, it seems likely to reach our shores eventually.