'Stay tuned' for news on PS Vita TV outside Japan

Sony may have only announced plans to release its PS Vita TV in Japan, but has dropped a fairly decent hint that it'll come elsewhere later. Vita TV, if you missed last week's announcement, is an Apple TV-esque little box which combines microconsole and media player, playing games from several PlayStation platforms as well as media from a variety sources.

The little white box is able to play Vita, PSP, PS Mobile, and PSone games as well as supporting Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and PlayStation's own movie and TV download store. It'll launch in Japan this November at ¥9480 ($95-ish) but Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Entertainment's Worldwide Studios, hinted on Friday that--as expected--it may hit elsewhere later.

"For people wondering about PS Vita TV outside Japan, we are just saying now 'PS Vita TV releasing first in Japan,'" Yoshida said on Twitter (via Eurogamer). "Stay tuned."

Our Andrew is pretty excited for PS Vita TV. "If marketed correctly, PS Vita TV can reach a truly broad audience," he said. "And if it takes off, we wouldn't be surprised to see the Vita library grow as a consequence." The Vita's received a lot of love and attention from Sony, and signed up many fine indie developers, but the prospect of carrying a handheld around simply isn't that appealing in an age of smartphones. As a home system, all that care would pay off nicely.