Tom Clancy's EndWar Online brings post-apocalyptic warfare to browsers

Ubisoft is returning to the tattered world of Tom Clancy's EndWar, but this time, they're taking it into web browsers. Tom Clancy's EndWar Online is a free-to-play MMO being developed by Ubisoft Shanghai, the same studio behind the original 2008 strategy title.

EndWar Online puts players in the role of the last leader on Earth, fighting for the few remaining resources on the planet after a cataclysmic war. The game will feature real-time battles, HQ and army management (with RPG-style progression), and massive community-based wars. The game is also promising a "next-gen browser" experience, using advanced Flash-based graphics for fully-rendered 3D models.

Interested soldiers looking to enlist in the latest post-apocalyptic war can sign up for the beta right now.