Child of Light hopes to help parents teach their kids

Patrick Plourde has previously stated that his upcoming RPG, Child of Light, would essentially be the opposite of Far Cry 3. On top of making it a modern fairy tale, he also hopes to use the game's two-player mode to help parents bond with their children.

The intention is evident through the game's story structure. Young princess Aurora sets out to save the kingdom of Lemuria, accompanied only by an unnamed companion sprite, who illuminates the game world, assists during combat, and generally acts as a faithful guide.

The parallels between Aurora's companion and a parental figure aren't unintentional. Plourde tells Gamasutra that Aurora's companion allows parents to communicate values to younger players without sounding "preachy or instructive." He contrasts his approach to Ni No Kuni, which uses a whimsical world to offer an exclusively solo experience. "I guess we want to spend time not interacting, so you wait until your kids go to sleep to play a Studio Ghibli game?" Plourde says. "I think it was an opportunity missed; there’s not enough bonding moments in games."

Child of Light is expected to arrive in 2014.