The Sims 4 introduces group conversations

The Sims 4 strives to reflect the subtleties of human emotion. While this will greatly affect individual Sims and one-on-one interaction, Maxis is aiming to overhaul group Sim conversations, as well.

According to a post from EA, Maxis will implement a new feature called SmartSim that adds the element of conversations. "So when I'm talking both of you guys are looking at me and that makes sense and we've never had that in a Sims game before," explained producer Graham Nardone. "You know, when you just jump in and say something we both pivot and look at you and that's a lot of the group dynamics that we're trying to go for to bring these Sims to life. You know, we talk about their AI and their intelligence and all that but really it's about simulating life in believable ways, and that's so cool."

In a separate interview, producer Grant Rodiek told IGN that conversations can take place between numerous Sims at a time. "It probably caps out a little below that, based on how Sims work and what they want to do - they may have something more interesting that they want to do," he adds. "In a more typical situation you can have a family of four or five at the table, eating and drinking, talking and doing all that stuff, whereas previously they would all eat, then they'd all talk, then they'd all watch TV."