Metro: Last Light Developer DLC torching spiders next week

"Spiders? Sod that," you may have muttered reading about Metro: Last Light's third DLC release, the Developer Pack. But wait! Its new mission The Spider's Nest also gives you a shiny flamethrower to torch the horrors, revealed in screenshots accompanying an announcement that the DLC arrives on September 17. Deep Silver has explained exactly what its Test Level is, too. A blog post describes The Spider's Nest as "pure survival horror, Metro style," making you juggle wiping spider goo from your goggles, searching for new mask filters, charging your flashlight, and pumping that shiny new flamethrower of yours. It sounds ghastly. The core of the Developer Pack, however, is the Test Level. This was a playground used in development to test AI behaviour, changes, and guns. It's been reworked a little so it now has a proper Shooting Range where you can with every gun in the game and complete marksman challenges, and an AI Arena to make enemies fight each other. It also adds a Museum to examine NPCs at your leisure. The Developer Pack will cost $4 on its lonesome, or is included with the DLC season pass.

Destroy these eggs and anything that skittered out of them