Dead Rising 3 co-op features new character, non-linear progression

Capcom has revealed the man who will be killing zombies alongside new protagonist Nick Ramos in Dead Rising 3, and shared more details on how the co-op missions will work. Nick will be palling around with a big-rig truck driver named Dick. He apparently happened along the town while visiting a diner, though you'd think the HAM radio would have alerted him to the presence of zombies.

The Financial Post preview (via Eurogamer) suggests that Dick will appear briefly in the campaign, as one of several temporary allies. In co-op, the rhyming duo will be able to wander "a significant distance" from each other, and some vehicles will be made for co-op with separate driver and gunner seats. You'll also be able to skip chapters you've already completed in co-op, if you've finished them when you reach that point in your own game.

The preview also detailed Psychos, who will be based on the seven deadly sins. If Capcom does it right, the one representing sloth should be the easiest boss in the history of video games.