Lemmings Touch announced for Vita

While, by and large, being English doesn't cause problems working for an American site, every so often I'll be overly excited by a game from ye oldene dayes and people simply mutter "I think I remember that." Lemmings! Lemmings you guys! Lemmings is coming to Vita in Lemmings Touch! Lemmings, if you missed it, is a puzzle-platformer played with dozens of furry little fools who'll idly mill about and fall to their deaths if you don't give them a role--digging, say, or parachuting, or standing still. The series was created by DMA Design, which later became Rockstar North and gave the world Grand Theft Auto. A long history of mass-murder, that studio. It hasn't made Lemmings games in years, though. Lemmings Touch, specifically, is expanded version of the Lemmings game on PlayStation Mobile, made by d3t. The announcement teases new objects like cannons and trampolines, new environments, a new HUD, and other shiny newness.

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