Eldritch: a Lovecraftian first-person roguelikelike

What do you get if you cross a roguelikelike with an immersive sim (that's the cool new name for games like Deus Ex and System Shock 2, word lovers) and HP Lovecraft? A hackneyed literary device. You also get the video game Eldritch, which is influenced by all of these.

The "Lovecraftian action roguelike" will send you exploring, sneaking, shooting, and spellcasting through procedurally-generated dark and forgotten places. Eldritch is made by the twin brothers of Minor Key Games, who've worked on series including BioShock and Borderlands.

It's coming to PC on October 21. The official website is selling pre-orders for $15, including early beta access. Should the game survive Steam Greenlight, you'll a Steam key too.