Disney Infinity pays homage to BioShock Infinite with this week's Toy Box update

The latest Toy Box update to Disney Infinity pays homage to one of the year's biggest games. "Toy Columbia" lets you explore "a sprawling city in the sky with infinite possibilities." Just in case you couldn't figure it out, we're talking about BioShock Infinite.

Weekly Toy Box updates have been available every week in Disney Infinity, but this blatant throwback to an M-rated shooter tickled our fancy. Other additions this week include "Sky Gauntlet," "Jungle Cruise," "Trench Run," and "Blue Breakout."

To download new Toy Box content, you'll have to select "Toy Box" from the main menu, and then select "Toy Box Share." From there, go to "Disney's Toy Boxes," and you'll be able to select and download the content that you want. Here's a look at "Toy Columbia":