FlatOut dev's 'Next Car Game' coming to PC in 2014

BugBear, developer of the FlatOut series and Ridge Racer Driftopia, is working on its Next Car Game. Currently untitled, the studio is planning on self-publishing the game on PC in early 2014.

"Next Car Game" is designed to "go back to what was great about the original FlatOut and make it even better." However, publishers were apparently disinterested in a destruction derby racing game, "so we decided to ago ahead and see if we could get by without one."

Currently in pre-alpha state, BugBear plans on releasing an "early access" version of the game for $25. This release will be limited to the first 10,000 pre-orders. Then, as development progresses, an updated build will be made available for all customers.

Looking even further ahead, BugBear is "thinking about next-gen consoles," but points out that current-gen and "other PC formats" (such as OS X and Linux) remain a possibility. Ultimately, it depends on "what the players want." Here, take a look at the game: