Call of Duty: Strike Team for iOS out now

With zero fanfare, Activision has suddenly released a brand new Call of Duty game onto the iOS App Store. Strike Team focuses on the "Strike Force" gameplay introduced in Black Ops 2, which combines first-person and third-person action gameplay by letting players dynamically switch from a tactical top-down view to a shoot-people-in-the-face first-person view. The game also shares Black Ops 2's futuristic setting. Set in 2020, you lead the Joint Special Operations Team as the US defends itself against a surprise attack from an "unknown enemy." The premium app goes for $6.99 on the App Store and features both a campaign mode and survival mode. It doesn't appear to have any additional microtransactions as of yet. The game is compatible with iPhone 4S and later, 2nd generation iPads, and 5th generation iPod Touch devices.

Top-down view lets you plan strategy