XCOM: Enemy Within trailer shows 5 minutes of gameplay

Grenades spitting needles, snipers leaping meters into the air, punching aliens to death with your mechsuit, and other treats are shown off in a five-minute narrated gameplay trailer for XCOM: Enemy Unknown's expansion Enemy Within. Yes, it's a very scripted demo, but mechsuit.

The gameplay is accompanied by narration from lead designer Ananda Gupta, explaining exactly what we're seeing (part of what we're seeing is a man in a mechsuit punching aliens to death). Our Andrew played Enemy Within at PAX, and also noted mechsuits punching aliens.

Enemy Within is a Civilization-style expansion, building on the base game rather than adding a whole new separate campaign. The PC release will be a regular old expansion, but on consoles it'll be sold as a full game with Enemy Unknown included. It arrives on November 12.