Space Hulk: Deathwing is an FPS

Games Workshop is going wild with video game adaptations lately, licensing its beloved tabletop franchises to everyone and their grandmother. That Focus Home has licensed Warhammer 40,000 off-shot Space Hulk for an FPS is no surprise, then, but here's the weird bit: Space Hulk: Deathwing is made by Streum On Studio, the folks behind E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy.

Yes, E.Y.E, that weird and wonky cyberpunk FPS from 2011. Yet somehow it doesn't seem a wholly awful fit: you don't want to play Just Another Licensed FPS, do you? Divine Cybermancy was wildly ambitious and while it fell short on execution, it had some grand ideas and Streum On certainly tried to be different. Working within the constraints of a derelict spaceship rather than a sprawling cyberpunk city may force the developer to focus.

As for Deathwing itself, we know it'll put you in the Terminator armour of a Space Marine Librarian from the Dark Angels' Deathwing chapter, and send you into a drifting Space Hulk on the usual Space Hulk business: fight Genestealers; find cool stuff. Like E.Y.E, it'll have RPG elements, granting XP to spend on weapons, abilities, relics, and psyker powers.

Deathwing's release date and platforms are a secret for now, though it's on Unreal Engine 4 so it could hit most systems. Other facts: the official website has no useful information.