Vlambeer celebrates their 3rd birthday with two free games

Happy birthday, Vlambeer! What do you get the developer that's brought us games like Super Crate Box, Ridiculous Fishing, and Serious Sam: The Random Encounter for their third birthday? The answer is nothing, because as it turns out, they're the ones that are giving the gifts this year.

To celebrate this special occasion, Vlambeer is offering a couple of free games (via Polygon). Gun Godz is described as a "polytheistic, hip-hop inspired first person shooter in the style of the classics" and was previously made available for backers of the Venus Patrol website.

In addition to that, folks can also pick up the prototype for Wasteland Kings, the semi-biographical roguelike that originally debuted at Mojam 2013, before the final version releases on PC, PS4, and Vita.