How Grand Theft Auto 5 is more player-friendly

Finally, someone outside of Rockstar has finally played Grand Theft Auto 5. And, they've discovered it's a far more friendly iteration than previous games. Tweaks have been made in three key areas: weapons, vehicles, and missions. Each of the changes makes the game less "realistic," but more player-friendly.

The weapon wheel, similar to the one found in Max Payne 3, lets you cycle through weapon subcategories and then specific weapons within that set. It will also store all of the weapons you collect, and you'll always have access to them. You won't ditch them when you run out of ammo or lose them if you get arrested.

Vehicle recovery has also been adjusted, allowing you to find cars you've abandoned or wrecked at the local impound lot. Naturally, you have to pay a fee to get them out of impound.

Finally, missions have been given much more liberal checkpoints. According to IGN, Rockstar learned from Gay Tony's more friendly checkpoints, set in place after particularly tricky spots. The preview notes that it found a checkpoint just after making a difficult jump in one mission, which meant that dying didn't require a do-over. That encourages taking more risks during missions, because you won't have to worry as much about the risk of death. And like in Gay Tony, missions are replayable so you can experiment with new strategies on subsequent playthroughs.