Wonderful 101 'wasn't exactly fun' until recently

The Wonderful 101 has gone through many iterations, most notably its shift away from starring Nintendo characters. Director Hideki Kamiya says the process has been constantly evolving, and that it wasn't even a very fun game yet when the team first debuted it.

Kamiya told Siliconera that a year ago, the game was still in a "trial-and-error process" and trying to find what really made the game tick.

"At the time, it wasn't at the level we wanted it to be," he explained. "It wasn't exactly fun, so to really get something greater out of the gameplay, we were working through that. So, at the time you could really call it a temporary state, where we were trying to show off overall concept and aesthetic and whatnot. From then, day-by-day, we've been going through this process of trial-and-error, where we build up elements or completely throw out other elements."

As an example, he cites the game's Unite Morphs, which has you draw shapes on the Wii U GamePad to summon special abilities. As of a year ago, the game only required you to press an icon on the screen, which he felt was too bland.

"That's an area that wasn't as fun, and by implementing this system of drawing the Unite Morphs--making decisions like that through development--we made progress in making the game more interesting. So, it's not as if we'd decided from the beginning what the featureset or fundamental gameplay would be. It's something that came together nicely as we went along."