Project Godus set for early access on September 13

Peter Molyneux's Project Godus will get an early access release on Steam on September 13, 22Cans announced today. The god game, which granted a developer's god-like powers to a Curiosity player as part of its reveal, will cost $19.99.

Godus has you ruling over a civilization, crafting your utopia, and building up a steady stream of followers. The more followers believe in you, the more powerful you become. You can also run into other gods with their own worlds, resulting in multiplayer bouts of holy war. What fun!

The Kickstarter campaign promised beta keys for some backer tiers, and a representative told Shacknews that those backers will receive their keys when the beta goes live on September 13.

"I am proud and delighted that the beta version Godus will be available for download on 13th September 2013," Peter Molyneux said in the announcement, ordering the date that way because he's British. "For a long time I'Godus been excited with how the game is evolving, I already feel there is nothing in the world like GODUS. This is the type of game I have dreamt of making since first getting into the industry; having people play the beta and give us valuable feedback while doing so, makes that dream a reality."

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