Weekend Confirmed 180 - Madden NFL 25, Saints Row IV

By Ozzie Mejia, Aug 30, 2013 11:00am PDT

While the gaming world turns its eyes to PAX Prime in Seattle, Weekend Confirmed holds down the home front. Hosts Garnett Lee and Jeff Cannata welcome in "Indie" Jeff Mattas and Shacknews' Ozzie Mejia to sort out this week's Nintendo announcements, including trying to make heads or tails of what the company was thinking with that 2DS design. After that, it's time to dive into games, as the team discusses Madden NFL 25, Saints Row IV, Killer Is Dead, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Hearthstone (Or is it Hurthstone?), and Shelter. The show ends with a new round of Finishing Moves and a few Super Bowl predictions, because the NFL kicks off in just six days!

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 180: 8/30/2013

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  • What's the point in saying something to get attention when that something isn't informed or a true belief? I understand Garnett wants to spice things up but is that what the listeners are asking for? I'm certainly not, I don't have time for such opinions. The 2DS did certainly get my attention and in no way, except for one, is a product I'm interested in buying. The one way it does appeal to me is the removal of a feature I don't want in order to lower the price, this in my opinion is something Nintendo needs to embrace and apply to other products they sell. The removal of the 3D is fine with me and I imagine 80%+ of 3DS current and future owners, it's a feature most don't care about or need to enjoy a DS. If I were Nintendo I would lose the standard 3DS and lose the 3D from the XL in order to get the price down to $169 and have the new 2DS at $129. Small one for ages 5-11 and XL for 12+. The whole point of the 2DS is to get it the hands of kids so they can grow up, like so many of us did, with Mario, Zelda, Pokemon and the whole Nintendo family. This is how they thrive long term.
    As for the Wii U the removal of a feature to get the price down is exactly what needs to happen. The touch pad needs to go, it just like Kinect is a feature that is unnecessary for most games and raises the price $100. Making my living room a DS isn't something I want and looking at Wii U sale not something gamers want, forget about grandma. Reggee/Nintendo thinks they're in competition with PS4 and XBone, they aren't. PS3 and 360 are the competition and sell for $50-100 less, in the next 5 years the number of 3rd party game that are "next gen only"(PS4/XBone no PS3/360 version) and will also have a Wii U version could probably be counted on 2 hands. A 3rd party game will be on Wii U only if there's a PS3/360 version being made and even now, less than a year from launch, that even isn't happening. The Nintendo needs to drop the touch pad, $100 more from the price and any notion the success of the Wii will happen again, the Wii U is looking a lot like another GC or 64 to me. Hell why not give up on the Wii U completely and make a touch pad controller for the PS3/PS4 and make HD Nintendo games for them, PS3 already has a 75+ million install base, it's easy money. Hey, if Garnett can say crazy shit then so can I.
    As for everyone saying there are no reason's to get a PS4 at launch you need to open your eyes because BF4, Killzone, Watch Dogs and all the PS4 Indie & Free 2 Play games called and they think you should get a clue. If the Wii U showed us anything it's that it's a big deal that a new console starts off strong. So if you have the cash grab a PS4 and get the next gen version of whatever games you're into this Fall, the sooner the next gen succeeds the sooner we get bigger, better and more innovative next gen only games. And the sooner that happens Jeff, is the sooner PC games get those innovations too, unless you like having to play PS3/360 ports on your PC? I didn't think so.

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    • You suggested that someone here, I'm assuming Garnett since he's named in the following sentence, isn't informed or doesn't truly believe what they said. Then you don't back up either statement. You pulled an 80%+ statistic from the air, but nothing to suggest you are in the least bit informed. The 3DS has been doing better than fine WITH the 3D. Now that they are releasing one without, Nintendo will soon see if it's a true selling point or not. Your general demeanor in this post suggests that you think you know what most gamers want. I do not. You could do polls on every gaming website and I still wouldn't know because most gamers don't take polls on gaming websites or post regularly on forums.

      Nintendo's success with 3DS could be because of, or in spite of the 3D. It didn't sell well out of the gate because it lacked games. I believe that's also the problem with the WiiU. If N's first party titles deliver next year, I think they can salvage the system. Dropping the touch pad will cripple too many features imo. Especially the one that many parents are enjoying most: allowing their child to play while not giving up the television. Nintendo's focus has always started with the family, which is very tricky since the children will always grow up and they have to please the next family while trying not to lose their older fans. As a core gamer, I'd like it if they did everything my way, but that's just not being realistic.

      Now to the part of your post that makes you sound like someone who's not even worth replying to: the 'get a clue' part. I'll tell you a number of clues I've got. First, the only launch exclusive you mentioned by name was Killzone - a series that I've never liked despite my best efforts. The other games you mentioned will also be available on PC, which will probably also have the superior version (almost a certainty with BF4), and that's where I'll be playing them. Second, I see only 2 true f2p games scheduled for launch (Warframe and War Thunder), and they are both available on PC. Third, much is being made of the PS4 indie scene, but not many are confirmed for launch - which is what I'm supposed to be getting a clue about. Also, they will almost all be timed exclusives, which does nothing to make me appreciate the company that is making me wait to play them on my PC. So, this holiday, I'll be kicked back on my sofa with my 360 controller in hand, playing PC games on my television and waiting for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo give me a reason to clear out a space in my rack for another system. If I buy a system this holiday, it will be a 3DS XL.

      I've opened my eyes, uncovered a number of clues, and discovered that I want 3D in my 3DS, and have no use for a launch PS4.