SimCity Mac launch hits its own technical jam

SimCity's launch has been met with technical problems. Again. This time it's on the just-released Mac version, which has users complaining that they're having trouble with installation, poor performance in-game, and spontaneous switching from full-screen to windowed mode.

A thread on the EA forums complains that even brand-new Macs are having issues, so the problem isn't relegated to older hardware. One user even called it "totally unplayable." EA has issued an FAQ for some of the common problems, and an update to address one specific issue with the game not recognizing some Macs that meet the system requirements.

"There are a small number of players who have encountered issues with SimCity for Mac," a representative told TUAW (via The Escapist). "Our live team is working individually with our players to resolve their issues and get them into the game as quickly as possible."

It's worth noting that the Mac version was repeatedly delayed. It was first scheduled to come the same day as the PC version. It was pushed to June, then delayed again when Maxis said it wasn't "ready for primetime." It was finally released yesterday, though seemingly still not ready for primetime.