Beyond: Two Souls wheels out Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe

"You might as well just give up, Aiden," Ellen Page's character tells her ghost pal in a new Beyond: Two Souls trailer. "This date is going on." Yes, as if it's not bad enough being hunted by the government, Jodie has spirits from the mists trying to stop her doing kisses.

"This entity protects her and cares about her but it also interferes with her life," Page herself explains in the trailer, which also has Willem Dafoe gabbing about the game and their characters.

Despite all the ghosts and child secret agent bits, there's a core which Page thinks is pretty universal. "It's weird because I think anyone can relate to that, anyone can relate to getting rid of our own personal demons to live and be truly present and free," she says.

Developed by Quantic Dream, Beyond comes exclusively to PlayStation 3 on October 8.