Nintendo 2DS targeted to 'very young kids'

Yesterday's announcement of Nintendo 2DS came rather unexpectedly. And many Shackers weren't pleased with Nintendo's latest offering, citing issues like lessened portability. However, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime admits that the device isn't meant for you. Instead, it's meant to help the company target "very young kids: five, six, seven years old."

"What we did here was we focused in on a key consumer segment, the consumer that right now for the standard 3DS, $170 is a bit of a higher price point," Fils-Aime told Polygon). "So this device with that slate-like form factor, it fits that consumer and also by taking out the 3D feature it allows us to target very young kids: five, six, seven years old."

2DS will launch on October 12th for $129.99--a significant savings over the $170 price tag of a regular 3DS. And Nintendo notes that the 3D feature on the 3DS is meant for children 7 years or older. With 2DS, concerned parents can pick up a budget-friendly handheld without worrying that their children's eyeballs will implode.