Battlefield 4 'Second Assault' DLC revives classic maps with added destructibility

One of the first expansions for Battlefield 4 is "Second Assault." The pack takes four "fan-favorite" maps from Battlefield 3 and remixes them to support key features from Battlefield 4. Namely, they have an added focus on "Levolution"--DICE's name for dynamic maps that have things blow up in them.

"[Second Assault] is a fan-favorite collection with Battlefield 4 Levolution concepts and more on top of it," Bach told Videogamer. "All the data from [the maps] has changed. As much as possible they will feel the same: it's from the same world, but with Battlefield 4 graphical enhancements and Levolution concepts etc, etc. So there's a twist to all of them. A bigger or smaller twist."

"Levolution" made its debut with players taking down a skyscraper in the Shanghai map. More recently, the concept was demoed by having a boat crash into an island.