Terraria crossing over into Edge of Space

An unthinking clod might crudely describe Edge of Space as "Terraria in space" but oh, that description is now quite literally true. Terraria dev Re-Logic and Edge of Space maker HandyMan Studios have announced a crossover that'll blast bits from the earthbound sandbox craft-o-explore 'em up into space, including a cyborg version of Terrarria's boss monster Skeletron.

The full extent of the crossover is under wraps for now, but it'll be playable at PAX this weekend so have a gander if you're going.

"I'm really digging the potential of Edge of Space," Terraria creator Andrew Spinks said in the announcement. "If you're a fan of my game, then there is a good chance you're really going to love the insane monsters, wild weapons, and flexible creation content of Edge of Space." Awww!

Edge of Space is still in the works for PC and Mac, but you can buy it now and start playing through Steam Early Access for $11.99.

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