The Last of Us adds Interrogation multiplayer mode

While The Last of Us' single player captured the attention of the gaming world, the multiplayer is none too shabby. Our biggest complaint was the lack of modes in the game's online offering--a problem that's being addressed with the upcoming 1.03 title update.

The free patch adds a brand new multiplayer mode to the game: Interrogation. It's a two-part objective game mode where rival teams must try and interrogate opponents to get intel on a lockbox. Interrogations can only be triggered by sneaking up on an unsuspecting opponent and beating it out of them. This will take some time, leaving you exposed to counterattack.

Once your team is able to get five pieces of intel, you'll then have to try and open the lockbox. Defending players will be able to set traps, of course.

By Naughty Dog's admission, it can be a bit complicated to understand. That's why there's this new video to show you how it works: