Grand Theft Auto Online adds Hierarchies to Social Club Crews

It'll be easier to make organized crime more... organized when Grand Theft Auto Online launches later this year. Rockstar's Social Club Crews will be updated with a new "Hierarchies" system which lets teams designate special titles to its members.

Current Crew Leaders can log onto the Social Club website and begin doling out one of four titles to their members. By default, everyone will start at the lowest rung: "Muscle," which lack any administrative power but could be picked up superiors for a rank up by proving themselves.

Players that earn "Representative" status will have "basic permissions to aid recruitment efforts." Then, "Lieutenants" will be able to keep the Crew in check by handing out promotions and demotions amongst their subordinates. Finally, "Commissioners" have the power to manage and administer virtually aspects of the Crew, including the ability to promote and invite members.

Remember: these designations are chosen by the players. You won't be able to automatically level-up to a higher status no matter how much you play. So, make sure you know who the leaders of your Crew are--and butter 'em up.

Crews can be set up however players wish, meaning they can be rigidly structured, with a few Commissioners overseeing a larger group of Lieutenants overseeing the Muscle. Or, they can be free-for-all affairs, with dozens of minions or (more hilariously) dozens of VIPs.

For more on how the Hierarchies work, visit Rockstar's official website.