Tropico 5 revealed in first screenshots

By Alice O'Connor, Aug 28, 2013 8:00am PDT

The announcement of Tropico 5 earlier this month may have revealed details on building centuries-spanning dynasties and co-op and all that jazz, but conspicuously absent was any peek at how the game actually looks. So here, check out its shiny all-new art in the first screenshots (hint: it looks a lot like a Tropico game).

The ten pre-alpha screenshots show colonial forts, paddle steamships, agriculture through the ages, and more palm trees than you can shake a stick at. Visit the official website for more on what 5 adds to the city-building sim.

Developed by Haemimont Games, who took over the series with Tropico 3, and published by Kalypso, Tropico 5 is due on PC, Xbox 360, Mac and Linux some time in 2014. Now, pictures:

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