Gun Monkeys giving free keys to lonely players

Every multiplayer game needs people to play it, but indies especially can have trouble landing a healthy playerbase. Some games have tried kick-starting communities by bunging every player a free copy for a chum, but Gun Monkeys is experimenting with a more-nuanced solution. If someone fires up the deathmatch platformer and finds themself on an empty server, it'll toss them a free copy to get a friend in the game.

"It's a unique solution to a frustrating situation," developer Size Five Games' hunky hearthrob head honcho Dan Marshall said. "Despite universally positive reviews, Gun Monkeys just hasn't sold enough to keep servers perpetually-buzzing with players. It's infuriating, but the important thing to do now is to make sure the people who have bought the game can enjoy it as intended."

Yes, that's the Dan Marshall of Ben There, Dan That fame. Apparently when a developer gets famous enough they think they're too good for a name like 'Zombie Cow Studios.'

"Disappointing (and *hilarious*) to see people trying to fleece the Gun Monkeys Free Key system. 'NO, get out I'm here for the free key' lol," he commented on Twitter.

Gun Monkeys won't endlessly throw free Steam keys at players, so perhaps it's time to act more pally with acquaintances who own it. Or just buy it yourself for $6. Look, the game looks like this: