The Walking Dead coming to Ouya

By Steve Watts, Aug 27, 2013 1:00pm PDT

We're not sure how, at this point, someone could have both missed Telltale's The Walking Dead and own an Ouya. But if you are in that select group, you'll soon be able to use that console to play the acclaimed adventure game.

In fact, the full suite of The Walking Dead will be available on Ouya, including the entire first season, the 400 Days downloadable content, and the second season. Like the iOS version, the first episode will be free to get you hooked. The release target is set for a vague period of "winter."

This will mark the series' first appearance on an Android device, after the Telltale community was vocal about wanting an Android version. Android owners might have been hoping for a more expansive release across a variety of devices, but this is at least something.

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