Splash Damage's Dirty Bomb becomes Extraction, due 2014

Free-to-play publisher has picked up Splash Damage's Dirty Bomb, and announced plans to release it on PC in 2014 under the name Extraction. It's the first we've heard in a while from the Brink and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory developer's F2P FPS, which is set in a terrorism-trashed near-future London. As you'd expect from Splash Damage, Extraction is a team-based, objective-driven affair. Players will hack, escort, build and destroy various things, all the while shooting the enemy team in the face. And this time you can choose to be a lady, which is welcome. Nexon swears blind that there's "no pressure to pay to stay competitive," and "it's teamwork and skill that bring the kill," but neglected to mention how exactly it will be monetised. Dirty Bomb has been in closed alpha testing for a fair while, which people can buy their way into if they're feeling particularly flush. For the rest of us, look, new screenshots:

Gunfights around London Bridge will presumably keep away tourists who confuse it with Tower Bridge