Pinballistik going free-to-play on PS3

If two-player competitive pinball sounds like something you'd give a flip, here's a little something to give you a nudge. Pinball imagery, y'all. Creat Studios is settings its PS3 flip 'em up Pinballistik free-to-play, two years after its initial launch.

The two-player 'battle tables' are Pinballistik's big selling point, putting two pinballeers side-by-side and letting them mess with each other's game. It does have single-player too, mind.

Pinballistik only ever cost $3.99 but hey, They say that a dollar saved is a dollar earned. Unless we're talking about luxuries like video games, in which case it's all discretionary spending anyway and we should be honest with ourselves about this. Creat's announcement reads like it's already switched, so I imagine it'll happen in today's PlayStation Store update.

Like the paid release, it'll come with the rootin' tootin' 'Circle the Wagons' tables free and sell others as DLC. Creat stalled releasing DLC, but plans to get it rolling again. Rolling like a ball rolls. A ball on a pinball table. Because the table's sloped. Pinball, you guys.