Final Fantasy 14 planning major updates every three months

The relaunch of Final Fantasy 14 is underway, though not without some notable hiccups. Assuming Square Enix smooths out the rough edges, though, it has a roadmap to roll out major content updates at a regular clip, and recently shared details on the first planned update.

"We're planning on doing a major update every three months once the game has been released, and continuously adding large-scale content," director Naoki Yoshida told the PlayStation.Blog. "We've already begun work on the first update that is currently called patch 2.1 and will introduce a large-scale housing system, as well as The Wolves' Den--the first ever PvP content in the series. Furthermore, the update will include new dungeons, a new daily quest system, new Primal battles, extensions to the main story, and loads of other new content to enjoy."

Yoshida notes that these patches will be included in the monthly subscription. Elsewhere in the interview he points out that he wants platform parity across PC, PS3 and (eventually) PS4, so the trimonthly updates should appear around the same time for each. Yoshida also mentioned long-term plans for "full expansion packs," which would presumably be a separate charge similar to the various expansion packs for Final Fantasy 11.