Why Blizzard avoided card-trading for Hearthstone

Blizzard's digital CCG Hearthstone kicked off its beta recently, and already has some passionate fans. Like most other card games, there are a number of features coming down the pipeline, like support for tournaments, eSports, and expansions. However, one feature that Blizzard doesn't plan on adding is card trading.

"We decided to go away from that," executive producer Hamilton Chu told IGN. "Obviously that's something that you think about. But a key thing for us was focusing on what the game was about--getting new cards in your collection, crafting your deck, and playing the game. When you have trading, that brings in a bunch of other stuff with it. Some of that is really fun, like haggling with people or searching for the best deal or playing the market to see how values go up and down. But that's just not what Hearthstone is. Hearthstone is focused on these other aspects of gameplay."

"After launch, there's a lot of possibilities," executive producer Hamilton Chu told "There are tournaments, eSports, or even single-player content. We're really looking forward to getting this in the hands of the players and seeing what really resonates with them."

Blizzard is planning to launch Hearthstone this year for PC and Mac, with an iPad version following shortly after. Expansions are also possible, with new card packs, play spaces, boards, or hero classes all being tossed around. Chu said that if they think of an idea for an expansion, they'll "come up with other business models that make sense around it."