Layton 7 coming to 3DS and mobile, conspicuously missing Layton

Professor Layton's next puzzle-obsessed adventure won't be restricted to a Nintendo handheld, and will mark a new direction for the series. Layton 7, as it's being called, is a role-playing game coming to 3DS, as well as iOS and Android devices.

A post on NeoGAF summarizing Level-5's Vision 2013 conference, explains that this Layton game will have you controlling various characters in a (very literally) small town. Famitsu also shared some art and screenshots, with nary an English professor in sight.

The Layton brand has been used on mobile devices before, when earlier this year Level-5 launched Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. That game also had little resemblance to the traditional Layton games, instead structuring itself more around crime scene investigation similar to the Phoenix Wright series.

It also had very little mention of Layton himself, aside from passing mentions. But the good professor isn't entirely absent from Level-5's plans, as the company has already announced Azran Legacy and his Ace Attorney crossover are coming to North America.