Infamous: Second Son's second power is 'neon'

Infamous: Second Son has you playing as a new character--one that can absorb the powers of other mutants. So far, developer Sucker Punch has focused exclusively on Delsin's smoke ability, which lets him hover across long distances, jump up buildings through pipes, and cause things to explode.

His second power? Neon.

"When you're playing as a neon powered hero, it's not like playing like a smoke guy,” creative director Nate Fox told IGN. "The smoke powers are all about speed and getting in and out quickly, whaling on guys, and zipping up the sides of buildings. But as a neon player, the tempo is different."

Exactly what "neon" will let you do is still unclear, as Fox shied away from actually explaining it further. However, you can see a tease at the end of the game's last trailer. It appears to let you access memories somehow--presumably seen through a purple haze of sorts.