Yatagarasu for 3DS canceled, turned into Legend of Raven for Vita

It's not every day where fans demand one version of a game be canceled to make room for another one. But that's exactly what happened with Legend of Raven for Vita. The upcoming fighting game from ex-King of Fighter devs was originally due for 3DS as "Yatagarsu." However, publisher Nicalis says that "overwhelming response" from the fighting game community had them switch platforms.

"With Legend of Raven on PS Vita we can take advantage of the beautiful Vita OLED screen and spend time developing new features like parallaxing backgrounds and an original new soundtrack," the announcement says.

Legend of Raven is based on a relatively obscure fighting game that released on PC. It features eight characters hand-animated by King of Fighter's Kotani Tomoyuki, and it's set in 1920s Japan.

The Vita version may be updated, but its 3DS and PC legacy remains evident by the game's first screenshots. As you can see, the game hasn't been adapted for Vita's 16x9 screen, with borders filling the left and right side of the screen. There's also no online mode, with multiplayer relegated to ad-hoc only.

It's due later this year.