Weekend Confirmed 179 - Hearthstone, Gone Home

By Ozzie Mejia, Aug 23, 2013 11:00am PDT

The gaming world's eyes turn to Cologne during this Gamescom week. Hosts Garnett Lee and Jeff Cannata welcome Shacknews' Andrew Yoon and Double Jump's Christian Spicer to talk about the latest to come out of Gamescom, such as the PS4 and its confirmed launch date. But there are also a lot of games that have hit North American shores to discuss, including Hearthstone, Gone Home, and the upcoming The Wolf Among Us. The show then sends you off into your weekend with a new round of Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 179: 8/23/2013

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  • So in reading the reviews for "Killer is Dead" (the new game from Suda 51), I've finally hit my breaking point with the double standard towards Japanese games. And yeah, it exists on this site too.

    The majority of the reviews (but, to be fair, not all) have judged and scored the game based on how the feel towards the portrayal of women in the game, not the actual game itself.

    And yet, Saints Row 4, with equally sexualised content? It gets a free pass, and high scores - no doubt as GTA V will.

    There's two reasons for this.

    1) Reviewers aren't worried about pissing off Japanese publishers, whereas they are afraid of pissing off Deep Silver and Rockstar because they have a closer relationship. They can sacrifice a few Japanese games to low scores and make themselves seem "balanced" (About as balanced as Fox News)

    2) There's been a consistent, constant voice saying "The West is better than Japan" this entire gen.

    Everybody said the Wii was going to tank, until the *had* to begrudgingly acknowledge the sales.
    The instant the Wii-U doesn't become a runaway like the Wii, everybody's instantly cheering on the death of Nintendo and shouting for them to go multi-platform.

    The constant "Japanese games aren't very good" this entire gen. (See Phil Fish - good riddance to that miserable motherfucker)

    If a Japanese company makes a game with Japanese sensibilities - "It's weeaboo anime crap, it's dated, it's not what gamers want anymore".

  • Two things:

    1) Is it just me or does this console launch, much like the last, feel "phoned in" by the hardware manufacturers? I feel like both Sony and MS have figured out that the people like us who are on the boards and in line at midnight are going to buy the consoles that are available at launch, and they are correct, so there is no need to give us a great reason to choose one over the other at launch. Instead it seems like both companies are positioning games for early and holiday 2014 to make them stand out. Sure there are the basics from first parties but nothing mind blowing. The big guns come out in the spring, when they have had a chance to fill the distribution pipeline again, with the likes of Tttanfall and Infamous. What do you guys think?

    2) I was thinking about the whole XB1 launch time thing and came to the fact that if Microsoft has played their cards right they could get the swing they need to get back in this race. Lets think about it, Microsoft is REALLY big on the new Kinect, there must be a reason. From what I've read the people who have used have been impressed, but those of us without that chance are still justifiably skeptical. For MS sake I hope they have cut back the launch territories to boost non-preorder availability for the other regions.

    So here is the scenario, the official launch is November 1 and for the most part that is all preorders. Another shipment of non preorder consoles arrives at retail for stocking for the ghosts launch. People show up to pick up their copy of ghosts and have the option to pick up the XB1, which is sitting there through the whole event calling to them. Lets be honest, I know when I see a stack of whatever the Newest Latest Best (plug for Jeffs new show!) is just sitting there, the longer its in my sight the more likely I am to break and just buy the thing. Once that happens it is out there in house all over for people to get their chance to see what all the talk is about and then (if it is as cool as MS thinks and hopes it will be) we have another Wii situation on our hands and all hell breaks loose. And if that isnt the case lets be honest, parent A who knows nothing about games walks into retailer B and wants console C and the C is sold out but D is available and the sales accociate says really C and D are the same. Parent A will be leaving the store with console D.

    I guess what both of these questions are asking is does anything we are arguing about make a difference? It would seem that both companies are pretty sure whatever they put out the holiday season is good enough to sell out the stock they have on hand and them the race really starts because at that point we are dealing with know quantities and fully educated markets. Does this make sense?

  • It bums me out that with the announcement of PS4 remote play, it really has pushes the Wii U gamepad remote play away.

    I recently bought my Wii U, and the gamepad remote play is incredible. And the funny thing about it is, I really do not know fully what the Wii U is capable of. And, I don't think most people do. Nintendo did drop the ball on the Wii U marketing, and I agree.

    I absolutely love my Wii U, and tempted to wait awhile to see how the Xbox One and PS4 operate. I wish though Wii U had a stronger indie movement with titles like a Rogue Legacy hitting the Wii U.

  • Hi guys from Weekend Confirmed. I am a long time listener, first time poster.

    You guys mentioned you were looking at talking about Diablo 3 in the next episode, and I am curious on your thoughts on the console version which the release of is just around the corner?

    Personally, I spent far too many hours in Sanctuary playing Diablo 1 and 2, but I was severely disappointed in some of the changes that were being talked about during the Diablo 3 development. I chose not to purchase Diablo 3. I did get the chance to play the game (normal mode play through only to see the story) with my friend's spare copy. The game was overall enjoyable, but I began to see many of my concerns I had beginning to appear during the end of the play through. I believe the inclusion of the auction house was the largest mistake, as it dictated the loot dropping mechanics to avoid flooding of the market.

    After seeing a number of preview videos of the console version it appears to me that this version of Diablo 3 is the experience in Sanctuary that I was hoping for. The exclusion of the auction house allows for a gameplay experience that is not hampered by the constraints the auction house causes. There is no need to be worried about a flooded market. Also, most of the patch changes are being included to couple well with many of the console specific changes to make what appears to me will be a much better experience.

    Finally, I am eagerly waiting to sit down, blow stuff up, and take its loot again in Sanctuary. Some friends and I will be sitting down twice a week for some 4 person couch co-op, and I cannot wait.

    Good gaming wishes to everyone!





    Now don't get me wrong I enjoy Blizzard games they do it good. It is the MILLION other people who follow and steal and borrow and take influence and water down even the watered down Blizzard version of it that annoys me to no end.

    The only MMOs that do not take direct reference from WoW that are out right now all came out before it.

    That genre is one in which a steep learning curve I find to be more desirable to ease of access because it allows a real building of a world and a community.

    I think it also helps that the pre-WoW or pre influx of a TON of players into these genres made the database / news websites for them much shadier and off to the side and full of more rumor because they got far less traffic.

    Exploration for example mattered in Everquest because the world of that game was dangerous and the penalties were great and walking over to that mountain could find you something cool or get you killed, and getting back to that point isn't the ghost form stroll it became.

    Sure we can't go back a whole ton of what was in all those early MMOs can never come back however that was also all the stuff that made those worlds so engrossing and why they are the only 4 MMOs people are really surprised a good number are still playing and PAYING. (EQ, FFXI, WoW, EVE)

    Watch this video.

    Things that are not fun solo (which the modern MMO has more and more and more become) are fun in a community and with people. Which MMOs should focus on first in my opinion.

  • I haven't played many of these indie games so I'm very excited about them. They're a nice addition to the PS4/Xbox One lineups. Putting them front and center does more for the developers than it does for SONY but that's by design. It's called building relationships and good will. You don't stay indie forever. People should be praising both companies for embracing the future AAA developers of the industry.

    I'm picking up a PS4 first mainly because it's cheaper and the Xbox One launch exclusives don't really grab me. Killzone on the other hand looks ridiculous. There is a 6 min MP gameplay video floating around that might be the most visually impressive gameplay we've seen from either console. Just insanity.

    I really dig Spicer's point on asking for an expansion of narrative implementation in AAA games. I do think it has more to do with creativity than horsepower and I hope that AAA devs are paying attention to the little guys. I don't want to have to wait for the little guys to become AAA for that shift in narrative experience to take place.

  • I think what PS Plus and XBox Gold are doing with free games is one way that the industry can combat "the cult of the new." Games have never really had the second and third bumps that movies have when they release on DVD or are picked up by the movie channels. If you miss or skip a movie in theaters, you have other opportunities to catch it later. Eventually we'll get around watching a movie by some means if it's worth seeing. We don't tend to do that with games. But if they are free, that is pretty good motivation to give older games a try.