Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior expansion brings samurai and Spartans

With over 1.2 million copies of multiplayer murderfest Chivalry: Medieval Warfare sold, developer Torn Banner Studios has revealed a sizable expansion. Deadliest Warrior, teaming up with the TV show of the same name, will introduce six new classes from across time and space, including Spartan hoplites and samurai.

Like the show, Deadliest Warrior will seek to answer the questions argued over by people you never, ever wish to meet: which of history's soldiers were most totally wikkid sikk at killing people? Along with six historical warriors, four of which are still a mystery, it'll add maps from their eras. Yes, it seems this does mean you'll get to kick a man into a pit in Sparta.

As for release dates and prices and whatnot, I expect those will come when the big formal announcement lands on Monday. For now, the official website has a few pictures of men.