Mad Max not a movie tie-in, says Avalanche game designer

A Mad Max game is in development, but don't call it a movie tie-in. Developer Avalanche Studios is making it clear that their upcoming game, based on the long-standing franchise, is not tied to any of the films, particularly the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road.

"It is a standalone experience," sernior game designer Emil Kraftling told Joystiq. "From the get go that's how we wanted it, because movie tie-in games tend to be quite bad, and we really want to be wary of heading there. We wanted to create the game with a game experience as the primary focus, and we want core gamers to be able to enjoy this game. We want to enjoy the game ourselves. We want to make a game that we want to play."

Mad Max is Avalanche's first game since 2011's Renegade Ops and is coming to PC, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, and PS3.