Command & Conquer aiming for ten-year life

Victory Games has the long view in mind for the upcoming Command & Conquer. General manager Jon Van Caneghem says that the studio ultimately wants to make the free-to-play strategy title last a full decade, and acknowledges that means a boxed C&C game isn't in the cards for the foreseeable future.

"It's a long-term goal," Van Caneghem told Videogamer. "We built this Command & Conquer shell and frame to be the one-stop place for Command & Conquer for the next 10 years, so we want to add the other universes and maybe even a new universe that we didn't even have before, all under the same landing site, log-in [and] persona that you would keep track of. We definitely believe it will [last 10 years]. And if we can keep it updated it'll last even longer."

Of course, Van Caneghem also acknowledges that as a F2P game and the only C&C on the horizon, boxed releases are probably fading away unless they produce some special physical bonus items.

"I think maybe the days of a boxed [Command & Conquer] release are probably over," he said. "But there's always a need sometimes for Collector's Editions that are nice to put in a box where you get extra materials, so that's not out of the question [for Command & Conquer 2013]. In fact, a lot of people in a lot of territories have asked for those. I think there's still a desire for that in a lot of places. People want the art book or the figurines or whatever we decide to do in a Collector's Edition that you can't get digitally."