LittleBigPlanet dev's first PS4 game related to PlayStation Move tech demo

Media Molecule, developer of LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway, are working on an unannounced project for PS4. We may have been given a first look at the game all the way in February, during the PS4 reveal event.

Studio director Siobhan Reddy recently hinted that we might have been seeing the "seed" of an idea. At the show, Media Molecule members used PlayStation Move controllers to create 3D models and play with musical puppets.

"Basically that is where that project was sort of, a bunch of the things we really loved about where that tech was at that time," Reddy told Polygon. "So it's kind of the seeds of interesting things to come. It's really cool, and I hope we'll start talking about it soon."

Here's what the demo looked like, if you need a memory refresh: