Everybody's Gone to the Rapture PC release 'not planned'

Everything you loved is gone, and all you can do is wander aimlessly, looking at what remains and meeting the few left behind. That's the premise of The Chinese Room's new game Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, but may also be how you feel after this. Following this week's news that it's coming to PS4, the Dear Esther creator has said it no longer plans to release a PC version.

The Chinese Room originally only announced it for PC, but what a difference a day makes. The big problem was that the game's jolly ambitious, and TCR simply isn't that big.

"So the thinking went like this," Dan Pinchbeck told Rock, Paper, Shotgun. "We don't have enough money or production expertise to make this game without help. We don't think we can raise enough through Kickstarter or public alpha to make this happen. We could do with production support on a game this scale. We've always wanted to make a console game."

And, well, one thing led to another. Sony has certainly wooed and courted indies magnificently for the PS4, winning many fine hearts and games. Pinchbeck said that Sony's Santa Monica Studio, who's helping out, is "great" and The Chinese Room "really like them and their attitude."

Santa Monica Studio has quietly supported and collaborated with indies for a fair few years, helping on games including Journey and The Unfinished Swan. Games it's collaborated on and even published have made it to PC too, such as Everyday Shooter and PixelJunk Monsters.

The Chinese Room left a little room for hope on Twitter. The game "will be PS4 only at launch," it said, adding "That's not an absolute no to PC, but it's not planned right now." Fingers crossed!