Kinect Sports Rivals video shows off fancy Xbox One tech

The new Kinect included with Xbox One is incredible. Microsoft is clearly betting a lot on the camera, which is largely responsible for Xbox One's $500 price tag. Yet oddly, they've done little to show what Kinect can do with games.

It's clear that the next-gen Kinect is a powerful piece of hardware. A new promotional video for Kinect Sports Rivals does a good job of showing exactly what Microsoft's camera can do. For example, it can recreate your face with a map of 1400 points.

Because Kinect can now read your hands, Rare made a wall-climbing game for Rivals. Bowling and tennis--two Wii Sports mainstays--will supposedly be more accurate, thanks to Kinect's ability to track your body.

Should Rivals live up to its promise, perhaps it will be able to sell exactly why Kinect will change gaming forever. But it won't do so at Xbox One's launch. The game has been delayed to next year.

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