How Grand Theft Auto 5 earned its M rating (spoilers)

Obviously a game like Grand Theft Auto 5 is going to earn an M rating from the ESRB. Being a game where you rob banks, kill civilians, and fight against cops makes that rather inevitable. However, what else does Rockstar's game do to earn that 17+ rating?

Spoilers follow.

The ESRB details some noteworthy moments, which will undoubtedly cause news programs to air more exposés on how video games are ruining our children.

For instance, the game contains "rare" depictions of dismemberment. In addition, there's an interactive torture sequence--one that the ESRB describes as "intense and prolonged." There's also nudity of both the female and male kind.

There's also a "brief instance of necrophilia," and depictions of drug use. As Kotaku discovered, you'll be able to smoke from a bong, light a marijuana joint, and even see cocaine get used. Welcome to faux California!