Dragon Age: Inquisition lets you abuse inquisitor privilege

Dragon Age: Inquisition puts you in the role of the titular Inquisitor, but what does that actually mean? BioWare claims that the title comes with some of its own rights and responsibilities, which makes for moral choices and actual forces at your command.

"As Inquisitor you have rights and powers that other citizens don't have, and you can use those to great effect," general manager Aaryn Flynn told Game Informer. "At the same time you have to make decisions, moral decisions, about what's going to happen. Each may have repercussions to the inquisition, that you as the player will decide what suits you best."

Flynn's example of a choice is a bit less inspiring, consisting of an extreme "save the village or let it burn" choice. But hey, the inquisition can get ugly.

To help lay down the law, you can bring in your own troops. "As inquisitor, you actually have numerous people at your disposal. We call them agents," said creative director Mike Laidlaw. "The nice thing about agents working for you, instead of you being the agent of someone else, is that you can summon them to tackle missions."