League of Legends hacked, 120,000 transaction records accessed

You may want to sit down for this one, League of Legends players. The beloved MOBA from Riot is the latest target of unscrupulous hackers, with usernames, email addresses, salted password hashes, and even first and last names potentially compromised.

Riot is currently investigating the extent of the attack. "We are investigating that approximately 120,000 transaction records from 2011 that contained hashed and salted credit card numbers have been accessed," reads a statement on the official League of Legends site (via Kotaku). "The payment system involved with these records hasn't been used since July of 2011, and this type of payment card information hasn't been collected in any Riot systems since then.

You know the routine by now, everyone. Log in and change your passwords, preferably to something long and random. Riot is also working to prevent future attacks with new security measures, namely email verifications and two-factor authentication. Hopefully, we can go more than 15 days before the next hacker attack.