Sony indie timed exclusives include Rogue Legacy, Hotline Miami 2

Sony made a showpiece of its indie offerings today at Gamescom, outlining a series of games coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita. It was careful to couch them as "console exclusive debuts," meaning they could come to other platforms later and in some cases are already on PC. Still, they boasted several high-profile titles that will spend at least a little time only on Sony devices.

N++ will feature multiplayer modes, and is coming this year to PlayStation 4. Rogue Legacy, Volume, Wasteland Kings, Switch Galaxy Ultra, Final Horizon, Assault Android Cactus, and Hotline Miami 2 are coming to PS4 and Vita next year. Finally, Guns of Icarus Online will be ported to PS4.

Here are some of the Vita games announced during today's event: